everywhere ( never capitalised) are a three-piece suite of musicians hailing from the Glasgow area.

They have been around for quite a while, both individually and collectively, which means they have some skills at their disposal, and a huge back-catalogue of material.

Although they all play in other bands, something strange happens when everywhere gets together: the total seems to be bigger than the sum of the parts. Someone will ask, “Who came up with that riff? Where did that rhythm come from?” but nobody knows. It just happened in the room somehow.

everywhere have been described as the sound of a finely tuned machine falling down a flight of stairs.

everywhere are:

  • Jimbo – guitar, vox, songwriting
  • Dave – drums, percussion, surrealism
  • Royston – double bass, backing vox.

For more about the history of everywhere, have a look here.

If you are a sound tech looking for a tech. spec. – here you go!

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